About Digital Art Files (for Printing)

Digital Art Files are ready-to-print artwork files delivered via a downloadable link in JPG format. The high-resolution (300 dpi/ppi) image is suitable for printing on most mediums, and is delivered in the largest size we offer for sale (see individual product page for largest print size).

This option is best if you prefer to print the image/artwork yourself, and have knowledge of printing mediums and techniques.

All historic public images have been meticulously restored, professionally enlarged, and significantly enhanced by Rebel Seed Studio.

Available for select prints only.

* Allow 72 hours from order for digital delivery. 
* Download link is delivered to the email address used at checkout.
* To download link from the page: Right click on image & select "Save as..."
* Download link/file is accessible for 5 days. After 5 days the link will expire.
* Digital Art Files are non-refundable & cannot be returned or exchanged.