Cumberland: The True Story of the Highest Scoring Football Game in History

Some disasters don’t make the front page. They make the sports page. On October 7, 1916, nineteen unfortunate souls set off on an ill-fated trip to Atlanta to face the mighty Georgia Tech led by legendary coach John Heisman, after a wheeler-dealer assembled a ragtag team of Cumberland University law students to play an unauthorized football game against the formidable Yellow Jackets. When the Cumberland players realized their predicament, they were forced to make a difficult decision - play what seemed to be an un-winnable game and risk being caught and expelled, or back out and forfeit a financial penalty that would bankrupt the university.

Set in the burgeoning days of college football riddled with violence and controversy, Cumberland: The True Story of the Highest Scoring Football Game in History is the story of one small law school’s date with gridiron infamy. More than a hundred years later, the game that has been called the Little Bighorn of football is regarded as the blowout of the ages. Many sports fans have heard about the game but this book dives into the unscrupulous world surrounding the game and what took place behind the scenes to make this would-be footnote in history unforgettable. 

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The Characters


Chapter 1: Cumberland

Chapter 2: George Allen

Chapter 3: Cancellation of Football

Chapter 4: John Heisman 

Chapter 5: Georgia Tech

Chapter 6: The Sportswriters 

Chapter 7: The Offer 

Chapter 8: The Players 

Chapter 9: The Fine Print 

Chapter 10: The Baseball Game 

Chapter 11: The Law School 

Chapter 12: The Trip to Atlanta 

Chapter 13: The Game 

Chapter 14: The Second Half 

Chapter 15: The Aftermath 

Chapter 16: The Legacy 

About the Author: Scott Larson


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