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Article: Dawn at the Alamo (Painting)

Dawn at the Alamo (Painting)

Dawn at the Alamo (Painting)

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Artist Henry Arthur McArdle completed his second version of the painting Dawn at the Alamo (which hangs in the Senate Chamber of the Texas State Capital in Austin) in 1905.

According to The Texas State Library & Archives Commission, "McArdle had twin, and sometimes conflicting aims for Dawn at the Alamo: to inspire patriotism, and to provide a historically accurate visual depiction of the battle. So, while he labored intensively to research technical information about the fortifications, weapons, uniforms, and other details, he also intentionally departed from the historical record to make the painting more dramatic and symbolic.

Amidst the blood and chaos of the scene, the "Big Three" heroes of the Alamo are prominently depicted. On the lower left, Jim Bowie can be found rising from his sick bed to use his famed knife. On the lower right, David Crockett rushes into the fray. McArdle has greatly enhanced the physical size of William B. Travis to make him the dominant figure in the painting."

Artist: Henry Arthur McArdle
Date: 1905
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Original Medium: Oil on Canvas
Orientation: Horizontal/Landscape
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