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Article: Emblems of the Civil War (Painting)

Emblems of the Civil War (Painting)

Emblems of the Civil War (Painting)

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Painted in 1888 by artist Alexander Pope, Emblems of the Civil War, is a memorial still life depicting military items.

According to the Brooklyn Museum: "Twenty years after the Civil War, a rising wave of curiosity and nostalgia accompanied the gradual passing of a generation of veterans. Memorial still lifes - which recorded actual objects related to the war in artificial, ceremonial arrangements - revived the lessons of the conflict while suggesting its gradual recession into the past. Alexander Pope here arranged the military mementos of Major General William Tibbits (who died in 1880), of the Union Army’s Second New York Cavalry. They include a Confederate bullet on a string and a key to Libby Prison, a site of Confederate atrocities."

Artist: Alexander Pope
Date: 1888
Original medium: Oil on Canvas
Orientation: Horizontal/Landscape
Image restored & enhanced by Rebel Seed Studio