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Article: Scouting with Daniel Boone (Painting)

Scouting with Daniel Boone (Painting)

Scouting with Daniel Boone (Painting)

According to the Norman Rockwell Museum: Norman Rockwell's painting originally appeared in Boys' Life in July 1914 as a story illustration alongside the serialized historical novel "Scouting with Daniel Boone" by Everett T. Tomlinson, which focused on the life of the early American pioneer.

Set in 1773, the tale traces Boone’s journey leading five families from Yadkin, North Carolina, through the wilderness hunting grounds of the Shawnee Indians to a settlement in Clinch, Virginia. Rockwell was 20 years-old when he painted this work, and was art director at Boy’s Life magazine. Painted in shades of brown, the image depicts a young to midlife Daniel Boone dressed in buckskin clothes. Unlike the TV version, he wears a hat, instead of a coonskin cap.

Artist: Normal Rockwell
Date: 1914
Original Medium: Oil on Canvas