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Article: The Battle of San Jacinto (Painting)

The Battle of San Jacinto (Painting)

The Battle of San Jacinto (Painting)

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In his 1895 painting, The Battle of San Jacinto, artist Henry Arthur McArdle depicts Sam Houston continuing to lead the charge on April 21, 1836 during the decisive battle, despite being wounded. The Tejano force, led by Juan Seguin, is given special prominence.

According to The Texas State Library & Archives Commission, McArdle "interviewed dozens of battle survivors and spent days at the battlefield, taking measurements and photographing every aspect of the scene in an attempt to be as accurate as possible. After meeting the elderly veterans and their families, he put aside work on his painting Dawn at the Alamo so he could finish The Battle of San Jacinto while some of the veterans were still alive to see it."

Artist: Henry Arthur McArdle
Date: 1895
Location: Present day LaPorte & Pasadena, Texas
Original Medium: Oil on Canvas
Orientation: Horizontal/Landscape
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