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Article: The Peacemakers (Painting)

The Peacemakers (Painting)

The Peacemakers (Painting)

Artist George Healy completed his painting The Peacemakers in 1868. It depicts the historic March 27, 1865, strategy session by the Union high command on the "River Queen" near Richmond, Virginia, during the final days of the Civil War. It was the only three-way meeting, during the war, between President Abraham Lincoln, General-in-Chief Ulysses S. Grant, and Major General William Tecumseh Sherman (also present was Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter).

Though the artist was not present at the meeting, he had previously painted portraits of the four men. To create the rendering of the event, he obtained information directly from Major General Sherman.

Artist: George Healy
Date: 1868
Original medium: Oil on canvas
Orientation: Horizontal/Landscape
Image restored & enhanced by Rebel Seed Studio