Thomas Edison's "The Ball Game" (1898 Vintage Video)

On May 20, 1898, Thomas Edison filmed "The Ball Game" at Newark, New Jersey. The footage features the first moving images of a baseball game.

Art & Photography Companion: Sports Collection 

From the Library of Congress:

Photographed from one camera position behind home plate, the film shows a baseball game in progress. The Reading pitcher has just let a Newark batter walk to first. He gets up on his toes, ready to head for second base. The next batter up cracks first ball pitched for a two bagger, and races for the base with a burst of speed. The first baseman just misses a put-out. A man on the coaching line yells, the umpire runs up to make a decision, and a small boy runs behind the catcher, close to the stands, where there is a great commotion.