10 Powerful Writing Tips

More is not always better. Here are 10 tips to help your writing be concise, focused and powerful.

  1. Get clear and focused before you start. Muddy thinking leads to muddy
  1. Know your audience. Put yourself in their shoes… what do they need (do you want them to get) from your book?
  1. What’s the point? Don’t bury this. Make sure your readers understand why it’s important to read your
  1. Use active Instead of the design team was thought to be stellar by the judges, write the judges praised the design team. Active voice is always more powerful and more interesting.
  1. Use more periods. Break up longer thoughts into two or more sentences. It helps keep readers on track. For instance, if a reader needs to review something.
  1. Be direct. Don’t beat around the bush or get flowery. For powerful writing, say it straight.
  1. Avoid jargon. Even if your readers are in your industry, use plain English. It makes your writing more digestible.
  1. Shorter is better. We’re overloaded with information. Be nice to your readers, while covering what you need to include.
  1. Give examples. A story in action illuminates a concept better than anything. Keep them concise.
  1. Edit and proof. Or have someone else do it for you. Miss this step and you risk credibility. Tighten up phrasing, correct errors and generally polish the prose.

Laura Cross is a writer/author, producer and founder of Rebel Seed Studio - an independent film production company, book publisher, and podcast network. Laura has worked as an author-strategist and professional ghostwriter of narrative nonfiction and how-to books. She is the author of the books EXPERT AUTHOR: Turn Your Expertise into a Profitable Business, Self-Help or How-To Book and BESTSELLER BOOK PROPOSAL: Develop a Winning Pitch, Acquire a Top Literary Agent and Land a Publishing Deal... Before You Write Your Nonfiction Book.

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