C.R.USHER by Richard Groen


written & directed by Richard Groen

produced by Aren Groen & Richard Groen


Logline: A woman becomes the target of a dangerous killer after she helps the police capture her drug kingpin boyfriend.

Richard is an actor and film maker who has been involved in a number of local productions. He worked crew for various local groups before he ventured on to his own projects. EagleWolf Productions came about as a co-creation between Richard and my father, Aren Groen. His first attempt at a film was a spoof he wrote called “The lord of the onion rings.” The script was cheesy and the filming was weak, but it got his feet wet. Not a bad end result considering every actor Richard used was a family member with no acting experience.

His first attempt at a serious film as writer and director was “Lesson Learned”. Richard wrote a script that was based on a story his mother told him that happened to her as a child. He never really gave it much thought until he actually got into film making and he thought it would make a great story. After talking with Jason Marshall, His group agreed to assist Richard in making this film. It was shot over a two-day period in May 2007, and completed November 2007.

Shattered Lives was a concept that came from Richard’s father Aren: A tragic story surrounding a love affair between a young woman and an older man. After Shattered, Richard chose to make a more professional attempt at “Lord of the Onion Rings”, which received its first festival screening in California. After a couple of short films under his belt, Richard decided it was time to venture into the world of full length features and he embarked on the project “Scarecrow Club,” an ambitious project he had a lot of fun with and received its fair share of success in the festival circuit. A good start to what Richard hopes to be a successful film career.

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