CIRCUS BOY by Stephen Curran


by Stephen Curran


Logline: An orphan boy who runs away with the circus to become a clown is pursued by a cruel housemistress who wants to return him to the orphanage.

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Bio: Stephen is currently working on his eighth screenplay for film and television. Stephen has won two international screenwriting competitions (The Euroscript Screenplay Contest in 1999 and The Script Vamp International Screenwriting Contest in 2011); been a finalist in two more competitions (The WriteMovies Summer International Screenwriting Contest 2017 and The Richmond International Film and Music Festival 2018); been placed as a semi-finalist in a further 10 international screenwriting contest; been placed as a quarter-finalist in a six international screenwriting contests.

Stephen was also the winner of the United Distillers Theatre Award in 1993 and his play was performed at the Lyric Theatre in London, UK. Stephen has also written a series of short stories that will published later in 2018 in a compendium entitled Victoria’s Lost Children.