DESPOSYNI by Jean Galliano


by Jean Galliano

with excerpts from “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ” by Leo Dowling

Historical Drama | Faith | Mysticism

Logline: A young woman survives the Roman Conquest and unites with Mari of Magdala to build the first Christian church.

Bio: Jean Galliano shares her insights through poetry, visual imagery, public forums, articles, and screenplays. Jean’s books are entitled; Angel’s Eye and …is…what a Poet said. She has completed four feature length screenplays for hire and has an IMDb credit for Script Editor of The Lost Girl, a feature length screenplay. Jean is the founder of The Mystery School Lecture Series and is one of the facilitators of The Poetry for your Mind forum in Philadelphia.

Writer Statement: My plan is to write, produce and promote moving poetry and inspirational screenplays that may be appreciated worldwide throughout time.