by Phil Hollins

Military | True Story

Logline: In 1988, an Army Green Beret Sergeant Major, suspected of facilitating a major international smuggling ring, is alleged to have solicited a murder hit on his meddlesome new commander. Based on a true story.

Bio: Phil began critically writing in 2013 upon graduating from Arizona State University with a Master’s in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Migration, Health & Cultural Identity. There, he studied creative writing, film analysis, taboo in texts & visual texts, and personal essays. Phil originally hails from Hampton, Virginia and Camden, New Jersey. He currently resides in Arizona.

Phil has always had a passion for writing. His background in law enforcement, the military, his education, and international travels are instrumental in Phil developing an understanding of cultural beliefs. To date, Phil has written eight scripts under various genres to include thriller, drama, comedy and period. Phil places a high level of research and applied understanding in his screenplays. For example, one screenplay contains a military court scene which Phil attempts to portray to a realistic level without overwhelming the audience with drawn out dialogue.

In a comedy script involving an Amish community, he brings humor in focus regarding the enculturation process. In fact, the one thing that separates Phil from his peers is his ability to dramatically write on current events and personal experiences. At the moment, Phil recently completed a TV-series pilot which he and others believe can achieve the successes of recent blockbuster series Game of Thrones. Phil’s ultimate goal is to work with like-minded writers and introduce some of the experiences gained in the military in his future writings.