IN MY GARDEN by Kenata Martins


by Kenata Martins


Logline: As she grieves the sudden death of her teenage son, a dispirited mother is challenged by her son’s English teacher to fulfill a list of nine virtues that tests her relationship with her family and her faith in God.

As a child, Kenata found nothing more magical than reading fantastic tales and sharing her own stories with her family and friends. This love for storytelling was nurtured when she joined an afterschool film program in high school where she directed her first documentary entitled COTS: Life in a homeless shelter.

Kenata won the grand prize award from the Michigan Film Office which inspired her to attend the University of Michigan to study filmmaking. At the University of Michigan, Kenata wrote multiple screenplays including one that narrated the lives of child soldiers in a war-torn country. For this screenplay, she won an award for “best dramatic script” in a competition hosted by the University’s writing program. Since graduating from the University of Michigan and moving to Los Angeles, Kenata has been a two-time finalist for the Kairos Writing Competition and a finalist for the UP TV screenwriting competition.