JELLYFISH written by Ana Khatchikian


by Ana Khatchikian

Drama | Romance

Logline: It’s summer time in the city and self-centered, skeptical Wendy just wants to get away with Ivy, her big crush. They go camping near the sea and all of Wendy’s attempts at getting closer to Ivy are never successful, one of them almost causing her death. Several superstitious opportunities present themselves, but Wendy dismisses them all. Will Wendy give in to believing in exchange of one kiss from Ivy?

Bio: Originally from Argentina, Ana spent her formative years in Tokyo and Paris. Now she lives and works in Berlin as a freelance writer. She obtained a degree in Film, specializing in documentary film making. In addition, she worked as a photographer for a local newspaper in Buenos Aires, while also studying printmaking. Ana discovered that in screenwriting she could merge her varied experiences in visual arts, writing, and music, while giving free rein to her irreverent sense of humor. Recently in Germany, she worked as a writer for Superpolypsycholum (2016) for, a ZDF production.

Writer Statement: Through my writing, I tend to explore certain genres such as fantasy and horror, which goes hand in hand with queer ideologies: fantasy is about twisting our reality, allowing us to escape towards an extraordinary, horrifying world, as well as rejecting norms.