MONTEREY by John Clubb and Jacqueline Robotham


by John Clubb and Jacqueline Robotham

Drama | Military

Logline: Bourbon boy meets Champagne girl. Infidelity and pain masks the shine in their Hallmark lives. Will the final betrayal crumble the foundation of their marriage?

Writer’s Statement: Jacqueline and I were born eight years, two continents and cultures apart. We have both stepped outside of our zip codes to learn that diversity is something to be celebrated. It is through inclusion that we learn and grow from each other. Twenty first century America demands open-mindedness and respect. I was born in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky at a time when segregation was a way of life. Jacqueline was born in England. Her parents are from Jamaica who went to England after the war for a better way of life for themselves and their children.

Our heroes are those writers who have dared to dream the impossible and go outside their comfort zone to make the art of writing edgier, diverse and fun. Together, Jacqueline and I have been in the work place for a quarter of a century. We are children of working class parents who instilled in us the belief the only failures in life are the risks that are never taken. Our goal is to be a writing team well into our nineties. This will be the icing on the cake. We decided ten years ago to begin this journey and in spite of life’s many challenges we have not wavered from this goal. The calluses on our hearts have been placed there by our refusal to quit. We have not been made hard by life experiences.

A country boy with big dreams, I became one of the youngest enlisted military policemen in the US Marine Corps who then went on to become a naval aviator and commercial airline pilot. Jacqueline, my writing and creative partner, came to America in the mid 1980’s to follow her dreams of working in television. Eventually, she would follow my lead into the aviation industry. We are both ready to begin the next phase of our lives. We are a professional writing team. We bring our diversity to a place where our synergy creates something bigger than either one of us. As a diverse team we recognize what it takes to succeed. In the Marine Corps all Marines went home or no Marines went home. We will bring this work ethic and con