by KT Parker

Crime | Drama

Logline: A refugee widow with a deadly secret runs away from the trafficker she has fallen in love with, but risks discovery when he is arrested and she returns to save him.

KT Parker has lived in six countries, worked in another 23, visited 12 more for business and a further 19 as a tourist. Her INSEAD MBA and post-grad Law Diploma permit her to finance her writing habit by undertaking strategy consulting assignments in exotic locations. KT loves adventure, although sometimes life is more exciting than she would like: falling 500m down a cliff in Iceland, being questioned by the FSB (KGB) in Russia or getting caught up in a Revolution in Ivory Coast, for instance.

A voracious reader, regular cinema/theatre-goer and keen amateur photographer, her biggest regret in life is not having enough time to do everything she would like to do.

 “Storytelling intrigues me. I’m fascinated by the stories of others and have a compulsion to tell my own. I’m willing to do what it takes to succeed as a writer. Show up. Take risks. Put in the work. Meet deadlines. Collaborate with others. Remain open to inspiration from surprising sources. Allow enough white space for serendipity to occur.”