SEVENTH ANGEL by Richard Prather Perry, Jr.


by Richard Prather Perry, Jr.

Faith | Action/Adventure

Logline: A schizophrenic collegiate wrestler, believing he’s the Seventh Angel in the Book of Revelations, falls for a beautiful exotic dancer/prostitute, while – through apparent delusions within his mind – attempts to perform miracles, resurrect forgotten dreams, lead lost souls to Christ, and slay an imaginary seven-headed dragon to stop Armageddon.

Bio: Dr. Perry has been working in education for over 30 years, having served as a high school physics teacher, high school assistant principal, high school principal, and superintendent of schools. He was recently honored at the White House as one of the top superintendents in the nation and met President Obama. Dr. Perry holds a Bachelors of Science Degree, Masters Degree in Education, and a Doctorate Degree in Educational Administration, all from Temple University. He, also, attend NYU Film School for Screenwriting.

Dr. Perry has been published in national educational journals and his dissertation, during his doctoral studies, investigated, by way of a Qualitative Study, how to create articulated engineering program partnerships with secondary schools and university engineering schools. Also, while at Temple University, Dr. Perry participated on its nationally ranked wrestling team as an undergraduate student.

As a graduate of Haddon Heights High School, Dr. Perry participated in football, wrestling, and track while graduating among the top in his class. Dr. Perry is, also, a direct descendant of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, a naval war hero during the War of 1812.

Dr. Perry’s family have roots in Haddonfield. Currently, calling Haddonfield his home on Hillside Lane, his grandfather and grandmother moved to Haddonfield in the 1920’s and his mother graduated from HMHS in 1947.  In addition to education, Dr. Perry enjoys writing, spending time with his Husky, Apollo, and attending student performing arts and athletic events of the school district. Dr. Perry is very proud and honored to be the Superintendent of Schools of the Haddonfield School District one the best school districts in the state, region, and nation.

Writer Statement: While writing this script, there have been numerous explainable signs, relating to the Book of Revelations in the Bible and in regard to things that would happen years and circumstances, apparitions, possibly connected to God. In the beginning, years ago, I wrote about the protagonist, Joshua, standing before an old stone church with a Cross on the outside wall, reaching out to his mother’s grave with the miracle rose upon it. Down a moonlit path from this church, I envisioned, and wrote about, a waterfall in the middle of Joshua’s woods (his mind). One Christmas Eve, when I was standing before the real old stone church’s Cross, I saw something bright, coming from across the street. I looked up. It was a large stain glass window of a waterfall in the middle of the woods. This same night, when I was driving home, I saw the largest moon that I’ve ever seen with something spanning out of a billboard on the expressway. I got closer. It was a large white winged horse, flying against the light of the moon. Yes. In my book, near the end, Tim’s secret project, a white winged horse kite, is lifted up in the winds of Armageddon and flies against the light of a full moon. This same night, I saw my real brother, Tim. He was watering a white rose. He told me that he called it his, Miracle Rose, because it also bloomed in winter. Again, Yes. I had already written this part too, not knowing. There is a Miracle Rose in the book that blooms when the Snow Falls- Signifying Jesus’s Return, His Second Coming. While my brother was unknowingly, watering my faith in this book, he talked about how he had to get an operation on his arm. I said, “Which arm?” He asked, “Why?” I said, “No, reason.” He answered, “Right.” In my book, Tim has to get an operation on his “Right Arm.” This was just the beginning of the signs. One recently involved when I was writing the script. I hadn’t done this in years. A Saturday afternoon, while I was writing secretly writing the screenplay version, my brother, Tim, text me a picture- Angel Wings. Through the years, I continually see the number sequence, 111. In my book, 1:11 is a Biblical Quote in revelations about Jesus’s Second Coming. Also, scenes in my book occurred, years after I wrote about them in regard to characters in my book, besides my brother along with many other unexplainable signs and coincidences. For example, one afternoon, I was having lunch with my friend, Norell, a very beautiful, Spanish young woman with long black hair with an olive complexion, similar to Nia, a character in my book. She was playing with a necklace with a name on her neck. When I asked, what name was on it. She held it closer. The name was, “Nia.” A couple days later, I wrote the scene about a deer that is dying on the side of a road near Los Angeles. My phone rang. It was my brother, Tim. He told me that he just saw the strangest thing, a large deer, dying on the side of the road in the city. Yet, another example. My friend, Sharon, who is helping me with the story, said that we should have a symbol for the archangels, who are “undercover.” She suggested that they have tattoo wedding bands on their ring fingers. My friend, Norell, aka “Nia,” has a tattoo wedding band on her ring finger. Sharon and Norell do not know each other. Alright, now the really strange stuff, the strangest occurrences, besides the coincidences and things happening years later. Late at night, one night during a strong windstorm a few months ago, I saw something suddenly appear, standing near my upstairs bedroom window. He was very large, not a defined shape, and had a light around him. He had the form and size of a WWE wrestler. I shook my head, not believing what I was seeing and looked again. He was still there and, now, moving closer. I thought, “Oh…” and began to leave the room. But, something said to wait. I felt a power, something that is hard to describe, something magnificent and very, well, powerful. He stood before me, towering over me. He said, “It’s time” and then, just as he came, he disappeared. A couple night later, yes, there was another one. This one was large, too, but in a different sort of way. It, couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, was white, looking like having wings but more like a bright light, enormous energy. The face was pure, similar to porcelain glass. This entity was looking out, toward the window, as if something was coming, being in a protective mode. From that point on, I thought more would come and “visit” or whatever… and one did. Something much more powerful than the two angels or whatever they were that I saw. And yes, He said something. If you believe I really encountered the first two entities, then the third you can figure out. What He said, unbelievably, is in the book, the very ending line from this Character. “… and Nia finally opened her locket. A picture of Jesus.”