THE COLOR OF EVIL by Connie Corcoran Wilson

Based on the book “The Color of Evil” by Connie Corcoran Wilson

Horror | Thriller | Supernatural | Paranormal YA

Logline: When a teenaged boy with a paranormal power (Tetrachromatic Super Vision) sees auras that make him relive the evil-doer's crimes in horrifyingly vivid nightmares, he is stalked by the escaped convict serial killer he first met as a clown hired to entertain the guests at his 8th birthday party.

Bio: Connie (Corcoran) Wilson has been writing since age 11 for newspapers and has 40 published books. She was named Midwest Writer of the Year (MWC, 2010) and won the Illinois Women's Press Association (Chicago chapter) Silver Feather Award in 2012 and 2014. Her series "The Color of Evil" was recently named one of the Best Indie Books of the Year 2018 by 'Shelf Unbound" magazine. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa with further study at Western Illinois, Northern Illinois, the University of Chicago and Berkeley and was named Yahoo's Content Producer of the Year in 2008. She reviews film for and has been reviewing film continuously since 1970 with one book entitled "It Came from the 70s: From The Godfather to Apocalypse Now." She has one previous screenplay, honored by Writer's Digest magazine, based on her first novel "Out of Time."