by Darran Sampson

Drama | Crime | True Story

Logline: The legal ethical and personal dilemmas surrounding the process of determining the outcome of child protective services cases, inspired by the latest headlines.

Bio: My name is Darran Sampson and I was born in El-barrio Spanish Harlem where I ran, sang, danced and played on the streets, all while being raised by the entire community. I have been a Child Protection Specialist for the past 16 years. Formerly a Special Education teacher, working with emotionally disturbed teenagers in the East New York section of Brooklyn. Since 1989 freelanced in the film and Television Industries and I’ve received several grants for my independent project; producing several documentary and short films. Here’s my story: Ever since the January 11, 2006 murder of seven-year-old Nixmary Brown, New York Child Welfare Agency has encountered a tremendous spike in reports of child abuse and neglect. This unfortunately has not slowed the abuse.

The September 10, 2010 murder of four year old Marchella Pierce sent two of my co-workers to Rikers Island; for what they failed to do. The spike in cases and the fear associated with being a CPS created an additional spike in finger pointing and scape-goating. The Field is an hour investigation series with credible host and actors that re-create some scenes involving high profile media cases that involve child-abuse.

The Field will look at each case in detail unraveling the case step by step from: The reporter/sources witnessing or fabricating the call to the SCR (State Central Registry); cases being assigned to a unit, the CPS investigation, court rulings, the family life at home, and examine some of the root-causes for the abuse. The Field -will track the child protection worker assigned to the case, and ask the audience to write-in as to whether they did the best job they could have done; not to degrade the child protection workers but to offer insight and shed light on how hard the job can sometimes be with limited support and resources.