THE FIRE by Kevin Kelley II


by Kevin Kelley II

Faith | Sports

Logline: After feeling abandoned by God when the only person he’s ever known to be family dies, a young boxer loses his fire for the Lord and sets out to find a family by doing the only thing he knows how, box.

Bio: Kevin “KK” Kelley II is a Christian filmmaker, whose ideas come and are inspired from the word of God.

Writer Statement: I’ve always dreamed of being a filmmaker, so in fall 2009, I began my first semester at UNLV. As exciting as that was, it became a nightmare. I got humbled, and ended up walking away from UNLV and my dream in 2011. Although I quit, I never completely lost the passion to create stories or film them, only the fire to do it.

Between the years of 2011 and 2013, I did little film jobs here and there, and entered into film festivals. I even created small storylines to share. People would ask, “Why aren’t you back at UNLV?” and I would respond, “I’d rather be working.” I ran away from film because I failed at it and my ego couldn’t take it.

At my lowest point in my life, God came to me, or rather, I finally came to Him. November 3rd, 2013, I was baptized, and became a Born Again Christian. Instantly that fire that I had for film came back tenfold. I had focus, a point in why I wanted make films and a enormous desire to do it. That’s why I failed last time because it was all about me and my ego.

My passion had switched to creating ideas to glorifying God and creating things that would spread the Gospel and feed people spiritually.

God had completely taken my film/script ideas and morphed them into stories about redemption, salvation, love, trust, and faith. It didn’t matter if the ideas were about action, superheroes, adventures, sports, etc. The central theme was (and still is) God.

In 2014 I returned to UNLV and became a better filmmaker. Being able to go back was a huge blessing. I’ve been made new in my new faith, became a husband to my beautiful wife, Maribel Kelley, and a better person. In December, 2016 I finally finished my race at UNLV and graduated with my Film Degree. Now currently in the year, 2017, I am the director/writer/editor for My Father’s House Church’s video ministry. Filmmaker for God, is who I am.