by Damien Mulvany

Based on the life of Peter Mulvany

Military | Drama | True Story

Logline: A young sailor’s passion for the sea drives him to become an Australian naval officer, but his recklessness combined with naval negligence results in a tragedy, a court-martial, and a government scandal.

Bio: In 1963, Peter Mulvany was lost at sea in an Australian, naval, exercise. He, along with two of his five-man crew, was never found. Over the years, younger brother Damien became the family custodian of all the letters, newspaper clippings, and court documents. In 1998 Peter's forgotten story was honored at an Anzac Day ceremony in Melbourne, and Damien was asked to speak. In preparation, he reexamined all of the documents, and that is when he decided to write about his brother.

What initially began as a biography, soon became a screenplay which was completed in 2017. So far, the script has been well received. 2017 Winner London Independent Film Awards 2017 Semi-Finalist Cinema London Film Festival 2017 Top Finalist Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition 2017 Official Selection Beverly Hills Film Festival 2017 Honorable Mention Los Angeles Film and Script Festival 2017 Honorable Mention Colorado Film Festival 2017 Finalist Reel Time International Online Film Festival 2017 Official Selection Nice International Filmmaker Festival 2017 Finalist National Renaissance Film Festival 2017 Best Feature Screenplay By First Time Screenwriter New Renaissance Film Festival 2018 Military Script Showcase Official Selection 2018 Colortape international Film Festival Official Selection 2018 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition Quarter finalist