THE TWENTY-ONE GUN SALUTE by Ronald Lawson Ecker


by Ronald Lawson Ecker

Based on a historical event

Winning Script

Historical Military Drama | True Story

Logline: A conflict of wills between U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and Mexican dictator Victoriano Huerta leads to a U.S. invasion of Veracruz.

Retired librarian in Florida. Author of five published books. Screenplay THE TWENTY-ONE GUN SALUTE (historical drama) optioned by Evan M. Pinchuk, New Frontier Films. Screenplay DEAD MAN’S HAND (comedy) won 2nd Place in the 2014 Comedy Screenplay Contest. Screenplay MATANZAS (thriller) was 6th-Place Winner in the 2011 Vail Film Festival Screenplay Contest. Screenplay ALL THE GOLD IN NEVADA (Western) finished in the top 10 percent (out of 7,521 entries) in the 2013 Nicholl Fellowships competition. Screenplay OF KINGS AND CONCUBINES (comedy) was one of five finalists in the 2013 Comedy Screenplay Contest.