THESE DELICATE SORROWS by Frederick Jones & Shirlee Wilson


by Frederick Jones & Shirlee Wilson


Logline: A community is thrown into turmoil when three teenage girls mysteriously disappear from a summer camp for troubled youth.

Bio: Fred was born and raised in Jackson, a small town in southeast Missouri near the Mississippi River. After graduating from high school, he attended Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, where he majored in English and ran track and field. Since high school, it had been Fred’s dream to become a filmmaker, so he loaded his belongings in the back of a truck and drove to Utah, in hopes of being accepted into film school. He was accepted into the MFA program in film production at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he lived for 10 years.

While attending school, Fred married a fellow film student, Shirlee Wilson. He also started working for the Utah Department of Public Safety as a video producer. After graduation, Fred and Shirlee had their first child, Jasmine. In 2000, Fred  accepted a teaching job at Southeast Missouri State University, where he remains to this day. Fred is a professor in the Department of Mass Media, where he teaches classes in film production, screenwriting and film history.

After returning to Jackson, Fred and his wife had their second child, Eli. During Fred’s career, he has directed short films and written screenplays. His work almost always centers on life in southeast Missouri. A few of Fred’s films have won awards, including two narrative shorts (“Meritt Leming” and “The Jesus Attraction”) and two documentaries (“18 Q Minus” and “Missouri’s Oldest Town”). He has also won awards for writing, including three feature-length screenplays and 12 short scripts. Fred and his wife are currently trying to produce a feature-length film to be shot in southeast Missouri.