THINGS TO DO BEFORE LEAVING written by James Byrne


by James Byrne


Logline: Two adventurous outcasts, Olive and Clarissa, want to leave their boring lives behind and hit the road on a life-altering journey but a secret promise, a crazy mother, and random romantic entanglements derail their departure. They spend the remaining days searching for closure but only sink deeper and deeper into the comedic quagmire of their so-called lives.

Bio: James Byrne has an MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lives in St. Paul. He writes and directs short character driven films for the festival circuit. “Things to Do Before Leaving” is his 10th feature length screenplay. It recently won ‘Best Screenplay’ at the 2017 Hollywood Verge Film Awards.

Writer’s Statement: I enjoy writing character driven stories that have a basis in my own life.  I draw on memory and my current world to fashion stories that are hopefully relatable to my audience, address universal themes, and are enjoyable movies.