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The Ink and Cinema podcast produces the...

  • SCREENWRITER SERIES: Insights, training and interviews for aspiring screenwriters - Listen to Episodes
  • FILMMAKER SERIES: Conversations with film producers and directors about their experiences and projects, and with industry insiders about their expertise in the business of screenwriting and filmmaking, plus quick tip infographics for marketing and distributing indie films - Listen to Episodes
  • AUTHOR SERIES: How to write and publish a marketable book, plus limited series' on developing a self-help, how-to or business book, and how to acquire a literary agent and land a book deal - Listen to Episodes

During the show season, new episodes are usually released once a week (on Tuesdays).

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Ink & Cinema Showcase (InkCinemaShowcase.com) recognizes and showcase exceptional feature screenplays and films, teleplays and web episodes, short scripts and films, and manuscripts and books in a variety of genres.

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