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During the show season, new episodes are released once a week (on Tuesdays).

A new season begins October 2019.

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Showcases and Competitions recognize and showcase exceptional feature screenplays and films, teleplays and web episodes, short scripts and films, and manuscripts in a variety of genres.


Laura Cross is a writer, producer, director, published author, and founder of Rebel Seed Studio - a film production company, book publisher, and podcast network.

Laura has a certificate in Feature Film Writing from the University of California, Los Angeles Extension Program (UCLA-E), and completed courses in their respected Independent Film Producer program.

Her first produced film is the action/war drama Devil Dogs, which premiered at the 2017 GI Film Festival, was broadcast on television on the ShortsTV Channel throughout the U.S. and Europe, and is available on iTunes and Amazon Video. Visit the Devil Dogs movie website.

To discover more about Laura, visit her website at RebelWriterFilmmaker.com and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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