Bankroll Your Movie (with Tom Malloy)


In 1998, Tom Malloy was one of the lead actors in the film Gravesend, produced by Oliver Stone. The film became an indie-cult favorite. When this film failed to make him into a household name, Tom decided to learn as many facets of the movie business as he could.

He quickly realized that the single most important aspect to learn is raising the money necessary to shoot a film. The problem was, no person or book was available to show Tom how to do it. So, over the course of 8 years, he created his own method, and authored the book Bankroll: A New Approach To Financing Films, which features precise and practical details of how he raised more than $15 million in four years for a number of independent feature films.

Tom has written and produced the thriller films The Attic and The Alphabet Killer and the documentary High Roller: The Bob Perry Story. He has appeared in principal roles on Law & Order, Third Watch, Kidnapped, The Siege (with Denzel Washington), and Anger Management.


Buy Tom’s book: Bankroll: A New Approach To Film Financing

Tom’s Actor Site: Tom Malloy

Tom’s Production Company: Trick Candle

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