Distribute Your Film with VHX (with Jamie Wilkinson)



Jamie is currently the co-founder and CEO of VHX, an online self-distribution platform. He won a Primetime Emmy (Outsanding Achievement in Interactive Media) for his work on Star Wars Uncut, a crowdsourced recreation of the much-loved original.

While working at Rocketboom in NYC from 2005-2010, Jamie helped create the Know Your Meme video series and Internet culture database, and sold the site to Cheezburger in 2010.

In 2007 and 2008 he taught the Internet Famous Class in Parsons' Design & Technology graduate program, where your grade is a function of your online popularity.

Jamie is interested in Internet culture, viral media, community development, and funny videos.

VHX is a direct-to-fan distribution platform built for premium video that empowers artists to sell their work from their own websites, directly to their audience. Everything that used to be sold on DVD can be sold on VHX.

VHX believes artists should make more money from their work, and has helped creators sell their films, documentaries, standup specials, live concert footage, lectures, web series, and more.

Connect with Jamie: Twitter | Tumblr | Personal Website

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