Raising More Money for Your Movie with IndieGoGo (with Adam Chapnick)


Adam Chapnick oversees Film and New Media at IndieGoGo, where he also serves as CEO of Distribber.com, a new-model flat-fee distribution service that places independent films on digital sales platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Cable VOD, while allowing filmmakers to keep 100% of their revenue.

He was recently named one of “19 Brave Thinkers in Independent Film” by uber-producer Ted Hope’s Truly Free Film blog. Adam speaks regularly on cutting edge distribution, fundraising and audience engagement strategies at markets and festivals including Sundance, South By Southwest, Digital Hollywood, AFM, and more.

He has amassed one of the larger followings in the independent film community on Twitter. Find out why: @AdamChapnick


Crowdfunding Platform: IndieGoGo

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Connect with Adam: Twitter | LinkedIn

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