Bestseller Book Proposal

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For nonfiction writers, Bestseller Book Proposal provides step-by-step content to navigate the publishing industry, hire a top literary agent, and become a published author.

You’ll learn how to:

* Establish your author platform
* Find a literary agent
* Select and attract an agent
* Develop an effective pitch package
* Craft a query letter
* Prepare a book proposal
* Protect yourself from scams
* Evaluate and understand agency contracts
* Work with your agent to land a book deal

Author Laura Cross is the founder of Rebel Seed Studio, an independent film company, boutique publishing firm, and podcast network. She is a former professional ghostwriter and author-strategist who helped clients establish their expertise by becoming published authors and leverage their knowledge for more profits and major media. Her author-clients appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, and CNN, were featured in People magazine, Entrepreneur, Publishers Weekly, and The New York Times book review section, and landed on Amazon's bestseller list.

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