2016 First 10 Pages Screenplay Competition

The First 10 Pages Script Showcase recognizes exceptional feature screenplays and television scripts in all genres.



by Sarah Morgan Ashey & Frankie Johnson

Genre: Science-Fiction | Comedy

Logline: After the Earth mysteriously explodes, two women search the universe for other human survivors in this retro, odd-couple buddy comedy.

Writer Bio: Sarah Morgan Ashey is a New York-based writer and actress. She is the co-creator of the musical, A Hardboiled Christmas, which was professionally produced at the Boiler Room Theater in Nashville, Tennessee. Her works have been performed at The Boston Comedy Arts Festival, SketchFest NYC, the Women’s Work Festival and various other venues around the city. Last year, Sarah co-created a new one-act comedy called Frankie and Sarah’s Gone with the Wind Fever Dream with her writing partner, Frankie Johnson. It premiered at the Peoples Improv Theater in Manhattan. She holds a degree from the University of the South where she received a BA in Theatre Arts.

Frankie Johnson is a writer and actress currently working in New York City. She wrote the book and lyrics to the musical dark comedy The Hills Are Alive!, which had successful runs at both the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival and the 2013 New York Musical Theatre Festival. In addition to writing for musical theater, she writes sketch comedy with various teams. She has also written and directed several sketch videos both independently and for PITtv.

Most recently, she co-created the one-act comedy Frankie and Sarah’s Gone with the Wind Fever Dream with Sarah Morgan Ashey which premiered at the Peoples Improv Theatre in Manhattan. Her work has been performed at several venues around NYC, including The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre, The Peoples Improv Theater, Theatre 80, Don’t Tell Mama, The Duplex, and The Tank. She is a recipient of a Bronx Council on the Arts (NYSCA) grant for her work as well as a member of the Dramatists Guild. She holds a degree from Vanderbilt University, where she studied music and theatre.


by Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Genre: Crime | Comedy

Logline: “Get Shorty” meets “Tootsie” . When a desperate, down-and-out actor crosses paths with a hitman searching for redemption, he drunkenly devises a plan to win the role of a lifetime, but hiring a hitman to eliminate the competition can have deadly consequences.

Writer Bio: Sundae is an optioned, produced, and award-winning screenwriter in both film and television. After studying screenwriting at UCLA – her first gig was working withGarry Marshall after being hired as last writer on-set of “Pretty Woman”, at just 21. (“976-BABE”… that was her!) She was recently hired by UK producers to adapt author Darren Shan’s second film adaptation (since “Vampire’s Assistant”).

Sundae’s feature, short, and TV projects have taken several first place wards in major film festivals and competitions including: LA Film & Script Festival, New York Film Festival, London Film Awards, Chicago Screenplay, California Film Awards, Canada International Film Festival, Las Vegas Film Festival, TSA, Nashville Festival, Richmond International Indie Gathering, Rhode Island Film Festival, WorldFest Houston, Sundance Smashcut, California Independent Film Festival, Page Awards, Austin, Slamdance, Script Pipeline, Fresh Voices, and Bev Hills Screenplay Awards.

She was also personally selected by acclaimed producer Robert Jones (“Usual Suspects”, “Constant Gardener”) as winner at the UK Screenplay Festival. Sundae placed as a Top Finalsit for the 2016 Sundance Sloan Fellowship/Grant. She has been optioned by production companies in the U.S. and UK including: Brillstein-Grey LA, Talking Lens UK, and Filmmedia NY, and have a handful of short’s produced. Sundae is a Dean’s List alumni of Screenwriting & Film Production at San Francisco State University Film School (August Coppola, Dean) – and UCLA (Screenwriting). She is a dual UK/US citizen, based in Los Angeles.


by Victoria Sampson

Genre: Drama

Logline: Men and women navigate their way through life, as secrets are revealed and major life decisions are questioned on a 40th anniversary camping trip of a multi-generational dysfunctional family.

Writer Bio: Victoria Sampson has been a supervising sound editor for 190 feature films over the last 40 years, but she has always thought of herself as a writer/director. Victoria loves storytelling and applies that love to the sound editing she’s done, using sound effects to help tell stories effectively. Victoria recently retired from sound editing to devote herself to writing and directing. She’s written and directed three award winning short films, 20 commercials, and two nationally aired PSAs. Victoria has written one adapted screenplay as a two-part script based on the book “Bread Givers”.

Visit her IMDB page at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0760222/


DEAN THE DRUMMER by Tannaz Hazemi
EARTH U by Joshua Nyberg and Kathleen Mora
EDITH by Robert Rossi
FACSIMILE by Gary Makin
HALLOWS POINT by Brian W. Smith
MOTHER MAYHEM by Brian W. Smith
SECOND EARTH by Christopher Locke
SUB PAR by Kevin Bowden and Jake Rush
THE TIME OF KILLING by James Freeman


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