Devil Dogs Filmmakers

Director: Lindsay Holt

Originally from El Paso, west Texas and now residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Lindsay brings an insightful perspective to every project. Of his work, the artist says, “If I can get the viewer to pause even for a moment to question the nature of reality based on what is conveyed… then I’ll be satisfied that I’ve done my job correctly. And if I’ve somehow managed to also inspire you, then we both have.”

A graduate (1982) of the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Holt is a film director, contemporary realist landscape painter and photographer, serious astrologer, art director and graphic designer, songwriter / artist, and life-long environmental advocate.

His landscape paintings are included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Modern West Gallery of the Booth Western Art Museum in Georgia, and numerous other private collections.

Devil Dogs is Holt’s first film and directorial debut.


Writer/Producer: Laura Cross

Laura Cross is a writer, producer, director, and founder of Rebel Seed Films. Her family has fought in every American conflict since The Revolution.

Devil Dogs is Laura’s first produced short film. She spent two years researching the battle of Fallujah prior to shooting the movie.

To discover more about Laura, visit her website at and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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