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Become the Expert in Your Industry

The title of expert-author is a valuable designation that not only helps you cement your credibility and deliver your expertise to a wider audience, it can help you:

Easily attract ideal, high-value clients.

Establish your message or system.

Command higher fees.

Create a deeper connection with your clients and customers.

Receive high-level speaking invitations.

Differentiate you and your business from your competitors.

Garner major media attention.

Position your brand.

Sell more products, programs, and services.

You can use your expert book to position your signature system, professional services, speaking platform, certification and licensing programs, coaching and consulting, membership or association, information products, and workshops and seminars.

Boost Your Credibilty... and Your Bottom Line

A direct correlation between your perceived credibility and your revenue and profit growth…

The title of published author delivers more impact on your credibility, and your business profit and growth, than any other form of marketing.

Research conducted by the Reputation Institute shows that a book is number one on the list of “credible” marketing methods. Consumers consider a book to be the most credible form of communication.

In fact, becoming a published author increases your credibility factor by 300%. When you become an author you are immediately perceived as the expert leader in your niche.

This expertise or credibility translates into big returns for you and your business:

* A shorter sales cycle

* Higher closing percentage

* High-quality leads and clients

* The ability to charge higher fees quickly and easily

Writing and publishing a book related to your expertise can have a significant impact on your credibility and can substantially boost your bottom line.

A Roadmap for Success

As a busy entrepreneur or business leader, your goal is to develop your book using the most effective, time-efficient, and proven method possible… you NEED a strategy. What you don’t want is to waste countless hours needlessly trying to figure out the secret formula for writing a bestselling-caliber book.

Becoming a published expert-author is one of the most exciting, lucrative moves you can make in your business – when you do it right.

The problem is most entrepreneurs sabotage their results when developing their manuscripts and profit strategy, and fail to accelerate their revenue, grow their list, or establish their credibility and expert positioning.

With the Expert Author System, you can avoid all the mistakes most entrepreneur-authors make and instead create and publish an income-generating book expert book that delivers a real impact and supports your business and lifestyle vision.

The Expert Author step-by-step training delivers the exact formula for publishing success to effortlessly replicate the process, get your idea out of your head and onto paper, and create a profitable publishing path.


The Expert Author System is a proven, strategic method that helps you get your book written and published, and ensures your book achieves its ultimate purpose: to establish your expertise, increase your credibility, deliver your message, generate profit, inspire readers to take action, become raving fans, and eagerly purchase your high-value offerings. You'll learn:

How to select the right publishing path for YOU to maximize the results you want.

The ideal method to turn your book into the ultimate lead generation tool.

The 7 success keys you need to know to write your book.

How to easily write your book, capture your voice and effectively deliver your message.

How to ensure your book can compete with any other bestseller available on "bookstore shelves".


If you’re ready to write a book in your industry, then the Expert Author System is for you.

You’ll get all the training you need to easily, quickly, and effectively develop, publish, and profit from a professional expert book.

The exact formula you need to succeed - delivered in a detailed and effective 5-step process which ensures you don’t just “learn” about developing a professional quality book – you actually write and publish a profitable expert-book.

You’ll get all the handouts, worksheets, action guides, resources, and samples you need to effortlessly design, write, publish, and profit from your book.

Ghostwriter and expert-author strategist Laura Cross will walk you step-by-step through the process and provide exercises for each element, so you know exactly what to do every step of the way to produce exceptional results.

A Proven Step-By-Step Method for Writing and Publishing a Profitable Expert-Book


The Digital Step-by-Step Guide (in PDF format) contains clear, easy-to-follow content designed to help you write and publish a profitable expert-book.


This invaluable Digital Workbook includes step-by-step templates, exercises, worksheets, checklists, and “done-for-you” material.


Define your vision and purpose to ensure your book achieves the desired outcome.

Determine your ideal publishing path to effectively reach your goal.

Create a sizzling title that ensures your book flies off “bookstore shelves”.

Clarify your compelling idea to deliver maximum impact.

Outline the benefits to attain market advantage.

Evaluate your audience so you can speak to your reader directly.

Design your book’s framework to increase sales potential.

Identify the unique selling point to differentiate your book from other experts.

Plan your writing calendar to stay on track for success.

Strategize your book’s content so it positions you as the go-to expert.

Use the “E’s Formula” to effortlessly map your chapters and develop your book content.

Organize and structure your material so the book flows like a bestseller.

Include effective exercises to help the reader absorb and implement the material.

Use the Speak-Your-Book method to quickly and easily “write” your book (discover a technique to “write” each chapter in less than two hours!)

Develop your call-to-action elements to turn your book into the ultimate lead generation tool.

Polish your content like a professional editor.

Easily acquire permissions to ensure your book is on the right side of the law.

Obtain endorsements to garner an instant injection of credibility and recognition that leads to more book sales.

Set up your publishing company to retain full rights and profits from your work (it’s easier than you think).

Leverage your book and profit from your expertise with revenue-generating offers.



Your step-by-step templates, worksheets, action plans, samples, charts and checklists include:

Define Questions Worksheet

Publishing Path Assessment

Find the “Hook” Worksheet

Benefits Worksheet

Target Audience Worksheet

Analysis of Similar Books

Unique Selling Point Worksheet

Sizzling Title Worksheet & Checklist

Define Statement Template

Author Calendar Template

Book-Writing Tasks and Timeframe Checklist

Sample Author’s Calendar

Framework Formula Outline

Chapter-by-Chapter Content Outline

Sample Chapter Content Oultine

Content Placement Checklist

Chapter-by-Chapter E's Map

Trigger Question Worksheet & Prompts

Speak-Your-Book Resource List

Chapter-by-Chapter Re-purpose Content Worksheet

Style & Tone Checklist

Compelling Titles & Subtitles Example

Chapter-by-Chapter Compelling Titles Worksheet

First Chapter Checklist

Image Guide

Chapter-by-Chapter Research Strategy Worksheet

Research & Interview Resource List

Sample Interview Release Form

Interview Information Form & Questions Worksheet

Books Sections - Quick Reference Guide

Book Sections Checklist

Editing Resource List

Chapter-by-Chapter Content Editing Review Chart

Edit to Improve Writing Style Checklist

Copyediting Checklist

Endorsement Request Tracker

Permissions Worksheet

Checklist of Elements Requiring Permission to Use

Sample Permissions Request (for Written Material)

Sample Permissions Request (for Artwork & Images)

Publishing Record

Quick Reference Guides:
Retail Outlets
Library Distribution
Print Book Distributor List
eBook Aggregator List
Audiobook Aggregator List
Distribution Path

Distribution Path Worksheet

Distribution Resource List

ISBN Acquisition - Quick Assessment

Publishing Resource List

Back-Copy Sample

Formatting & Design Resource List

Book Printing Cost Guide

Sample Pricing Guide

Book Pricing Worksheet

Book Marketing Resource List

Profit Plan and Offer Worksheet


DESIGN YOUR BOOK TO SELL: Insider Secrets To Creating
Bestselling Book Covers and Interiors that Grab a Reader’s Attention, Establish Your Expertise and Convey Your Brand

The top cover design tips for self-publishers.

The biggest blunders authors make with cover design.

The layout mistakes that make you look unprofessional.

How to effectively use typography in your book to convey your message and your expertise.

The printing choices available for self-publishers.

The best fonts to use for your nonfiction book.

How to select the right size for your book.

Understanding print-on-demand and how it can save you money.

How to avoid the worst self-publishing mistakes that can cost you $1,000s.





Build a Lucrative & Exciting Business

Turn your expertise into an easy-to-market in-demand signature system that practically sells itself and attracts high-paying clients who want to work with you.

Easily command premium fees.

Create high-value packages and programs that sell, no matter what’s going on in the economy.

Establish your expertise so clients feel comfortable and confident to invest in your services and programs.

Deliver more value and results for your clients, turning them into raving fans who continue to want to work with you.

Make it easy for your clients to repeatedly refer you to others, creating an endless stream of high-value clients.

Increase your income by at least 6-figures (in a year, a month, or a day!)

Position yourself as the trusted authority figure and go-to expert in your niche, making you the natural choice for clients to hire.

Create a sustainable business to help you secure your revenue and financial future.

Accelerate Your Revenue

Perhaps you’re feeling frustrated with prospects saying your services are too expensive, want to raise your fees but fear you won’t be able to command a higher rate, are overwhelmed because you’re spending so much time servicing the clients you already have that you can’t seem to find the time to attract new high-paying clients.

You don’t need to struggle to meet your financial goals and profit from what you love to do.

There is a solution…

Establish Your Expertise

The key to making a difference, and delivering impact, while building wealth, and securing your financial freedom is through leveraging your expertise to serve others.

There are high-paying clients out there who want and NEED what you offer, who are missing out on your vital solutions that could transform their lives.

People are just waiting for you to step up and become the expert-leader you’re meant to be in your niche.

Of course, there’s the easy way and the hard way…

Create the Financial Freedom You Desire

What many new and emerging entrepreneurs don’t know is that the easiest, fastest, and simplest way to entrepreneurial success and financial independence is to follow a proven system.

The High-Paid Expert system is a proven method you can model with steps you can follow to attain the outcome you want.

The most difficult road to success and prosperity is by trial and error. Hit-and-miss strategy is costly - both financially and time wise.

And when you’re just launching or growing your business, time and money is something you can’t afford to waste!


The secret to rapidly catapult your results, quickly increase your revenue, and save years of frustration, time + effort, and tens of thousands of dollars in wasted money in your business: you need to take a strategic shortcut.

The road to success requires a map. If you don’t have the map or you have the wrong map, the road can become extremely long and exceptionally expensive. You can get lost or take unnecessary detours that will never get you to your destination.

You need someone who can lead you or has the map you can follow; the shortcuts you can take that are going to help fast-track you to where you want to go.

The High-Paid Expert System is your roadmap to success, and with an expert business strategist as your guide, your destination is closer than you think!

The High-Paid Expert System is perfect for...

An entrepreneur in the start-up or development phase of a new business who is struggling to get this new business off the ground quickly and profitably.

An entrepreneur with an existing business who is ready to break through 6-figures (or into multiple 6-figures).

An established entrepreneur who wants to revitalize their business and expand their offerings adding new profitable income streams.

An entrepreneur who is a consultant, coach, trainer, strategist, adviser or thought leader… or a service-professional, author, or speaker who is considering adding training to his or her business… who is stuck in the “dollars for hours” model and wants to break free, create a business that offers more income, more flexibility, more time, and leverage more opportunities.

Power-Packed High-Paid Expert OnDemand Training That Delivers Outstanding Results


9 Digital Study Guides & Workbooks (in PDF format) include step-by-step templates, exercises, worksheets, checklists and "done-for you" material, representing years of expertise and knowledge, saving you thousands of dollars in money, and months (even years!) of wasted time and effort.


Clear, easy-to-follow, detailed on-demand curriculum-style training modules delivered via mp3 audio (32 recordings, averaging 20 minutes each) with step-by-step content, exercises and assignments designed to ensure you achieve your business and income goals.


NICHE POSITIONING: Define Your Thriving Niche And Easily Attract A Consistent Flow Of Ideal Clients

The 5-Step Niche Positioning Formula to easily and powerfully integrate your area of expertise – what you love to do – with a group of people who love to pay you for it.

How to identify your ideal clients - the ones who are willing and able to pay your fees and who will get the best results from working with you.

How to explore your client’s key circumstances so you know exactly what they want and need, and will pay for.

A sure-fire method to ensure you have selected a viable and thriving niche of high-value clients using the Thriving Niche Assessment.

12 fast and profitable ways to update your niche.

How to find your ideal clients so you can strategically attract them to you and avoid wasting time, money and effort with exhausting hit-and-miss tactics.

SIGNATURE SYSTEM SOLUTION: How to Turn Your Expertise into a Tangible Salable System that Attracts a Consistent Flow of High-Paying Clients Who Eagerly Line Up to Work with You

How to develop a powerful signature system solution that delivers proven consistent results.

How to position your system so that prospects can’t wait to buy.

How not to sabotage your chances of acquiring high-paying clients when answering the question “What do you do?”

An exact script for how to talk about what you solve in a compelling and exciting way that generates immediate interest from high-value prospects and practically does the selling for you.

PROFIT FORMULA: How to Design Your Revenue Plan to Quickly Breakthrough 6-Figures (or into Multiple 6-Figures)

How to break out of the dollars for hours model and dramatically increase your revenue, adding as much as 6-figures to your income (in a year, a month, or a day!)

How to create high-value packages and programs that sell, no matter what’s going on in the economy.

How to charge what you’re worth - and get it every time!

How to know precisely what to offer, when to offer it, and in what order, so you maximize your revenue potential.

Exactly how to plan your year and predict your revenue, so you achieve your money goal.

Creative ways to transform your services into multiple streams of income to create profit for years to come.

How to confidently decide how much to charge for any service or program, every time, without under-charging or competing on price.

How to create a next-step offer model that generates consistent income month after month, and eliminates feast and famine cycles.

BRAND ALIGNMENT: Align Your Brand to Attract High-Value Clients and Create a Community of Loyal Followers

How to research and assess your competitive advantage.

How to clarify your vision and transform it into a movement that resonates with your ideal clients.

How to infuse your brand with emotion and meaning to engage and inspire a tribe of raving fans and followers.

An easy 7 step process to craft a compelling signature story that generates more sales.

How to deliver your brand promise.

A simple formula to create your big message.

How to identify your brand experience and powerfully communicate it to connect with your ideal clients and influence the buying decision.

What you need to launch your new brand to get your ideal clients to pay attention.

EXPERT PLATFORM ADVANTAGE - SPEAKING: Create Your Signature Talk and Speaking Campaign to Quickly Grow Your List, Position Your Expertise, and Promote and Sell Your Programs, Products and Services

How to craft one powerful signature talk that you’ll use over and over again – so you’re not wasting time and effort creating a new talk every time you speak.

A system to transform audiences and listeners into paying clients.

Finding the compelling offer in your signature talk: the #1 method to get more clients and increase sales.

How to naturally transition your talk from your main content to your offer.

How to identify which speaking gigs to pursue and accept so you’re only talking to ideal high-value audiences.

A strategy to effectively and confidently sell from the stage or teleseminar in a way that feels authentic, natural and in integrity.

A simple and powerful method to exponentially grow your list with speaking engagements.

The one thing you must never do when presenting an offer or you risk losing thousands of dollars in sales.

How to stand out and acquire top speaking opportunities that position your expertise and grow your business.

EXPERT PLATFORM ADVANTAGE - PUBLICITY: Design a Major Media Campaign for Landing Features, Interviews and Appearances

Step-by-step what to say to grab a television producer’s attention when you only have 15 seconds.

The most important question you need to be able to answer to land appearances on the top TV shows.

The #1 item you must submit to a producer to even be considered for an appearance.

How to develop an innovative and winning TV reel so that you stand out as the only choice.

How to save $5,000 to $10,000 per month on costly PR professionals.

Where to find the right person to contact for any radio show, TV program, magazine or newspaper.

How to craft powerful sound-bites and quotes to attract journalists and reporters.

Top 3 strategies to acquire media opportunities right now… even if you’re just getting started.

Essential components of your online media room and media kit.

The secret strategy to ensure you get booked on a morning network show.

MARKETING BREAKTHROUGH: Innovative Strategies to Raise Your Profile and Quickly Build Your List

How to design your marketing strategy and rapid success system.

5 steps to develop a compelling free offer to exponentially grow your list.

The winning formula to design a landing page that converts visitors to fans and followers.

How to accelerate your results with your own celebrity-expert WebTV show.

Quick and easy ways to maximize efforts with social media.

How to write your way to more clients with articles, posts, features, comments, cards, listings and directories.

How to design a wow campaign: A secret marketing strategy that delivers big paydays every time you use it.

5 steps to boost your business with powerful alliances.

Simple secrets to design a profitable client-attracting website.

How to put your marketing on auto-pilot.

How to develop a discovery method and capture tool strategy to eliminate wasted time and effort with your marketing tactics.

CLIENT CULTIVATION: Develop A Community of Committed High-Value Clients and Effectively Turn Attraction into Action

How to create a connection and cultivate a relationship with your ideal clients so they know, like, and trust you, and want to do business with you.

How to design your attraction to action strategy to rapidly move people from merely interested to valuable and committed high paying clients.

Simple and fast techniques to create compelling content you can use over and over again.

A powerful way to weed out tire kickers and freebie seekers.

How to effortlessly guide potential clients through your sales system.

An easy to implement formula to design and make money with your client cultivating

SALES MASTERY: Authentically, Naturally and Effortlessly Move People into Enrolling Conversations

Easy ways to generate an endless stream of discovery sessions.

How to quickly determine your conversation conversion formula so you know exactly what to do to attain your revenue goal.

How to create a compelling discovery session offer that entices people to want to talk with you about what you do.

5 simple strategies to effortlessly invite people into enrolling conversations.

A simple to follow script on what to say when clients ask “How much do you charge?” that instantly increases the value in your offers and inspires.

Word-for-word what to say at a speaking opportunity to get people lining up to have a sales conversation with you.

Email template to easily create a flood of discovery sessions and boost to your income.

How to gracefully and respectfully decline having a conversation with someone who is not the right fit.

EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE: Essential Success Systems to Create an Endless Stream of High-Value Clients and Position Your Business to Thrive

How to design an exceptional experience that turns clients into raving fans who continue to want to work with you and refer you additional high-paying clients.

Simple secrets to stay focused and increase your productivity to achieve real results without feeling overwhelmed or having to work harder.

How to create a high-performance team that implements what you design so you can focus on your expertise.

How to deliver the wow experience clients want and will pay top dollar for.

How to turn the completion of a project into a marketing opportunity.

My exact formula for acquiring powerful case studies and success stories from your clients.

How to automate your processes so they occur systematically, allowing you to take time off whenever you want.

An easy technique to identify opportunities and eliminate distractions that take you off course.

The key to stand-out as remarkable, create a buzz, and attract an endless stream of valuable high-paying clients.

High-Paid Expert Workbook

Your step-by-step templates, worksheets, scripts, samples, charts and checklists include:

income stream checklist

design your offers worksheet

ideas to add value to your offers

money goal worksheet

the value of your time formula

raise your fees strategy

expert price ranges

pricing strategy formula

profit formula

next-step offer worksheet

design your levels of investment

“what do you charge?” script

compelling discovery session offer

pre-qualifying questionnaire

initial discovery session email offer

discovery session confirmation script

sales conversation formula

client self-identifying questions

signature system worksheet

system implementation tools

“what do you do?” conversation

marketing message formula

niche positioning formula

narrowed niche chart

thriving niche assessment

influence the buying decision

communicate your expertise

client cultivation model

value-training strategy

marketing/sales/cultivation system

article idea generator

find your ideal clients worksheet

ideal client profile avatar

your compelling story worksheet

big message formula

brand alignment worksheet

competitive advantage

marketing tracking sheet

discovery marketing checklist

exposure marketing strategy

discovery + capture strategy

opt-in video script template

sample marketing emails

social media campaign

alliance campaign formula

website template

signature talk formula

stay-connected sheet

sample speaker one-sheet

speaking campaign

opportunity assessment

team ROI strategy

money-making ezine template

business systems checklist

team roles + tasks

power sales-copy formula

3 ways to design sales pages

website speaker's page checklist

testimonial template

welcome kit checklist

referral system worksheet

speaking pitch tracker

client intake form + checklist

conversation conversion formula

enrolling conversation template

5 components of your offer

3 steps to compelling bonuses

craft a powerful guarantee

experience design worksheet

client retention system

time mastery worksheet

word-for-word sales scripts


In less than 2 months I generated $78,000 from only 4 new clients after learning how to design, sell and deliver my own premier programs!

Diana O'Connell |

I’m getting great response and clients are now coming back to me for repeat business! I have more opportunities than ever (and now I have the tools to take advantage of them).

Allyson Machate | &

Business is phenomenal! Thanks to the High-Paid Expert program, I feel confident in having sales conversations and confident in my pricing. The clients just keep coming!

Jude Jenson |

My first series of sales conversations resulted in a sale! I couldn't believe I had managed to enroll a high-paying client into my program with no resistance at all. I can't believe how quickly I've achieved results.

Arfa Saira Iqbal |

Your guidance gave me the direction I needed and helped me zero in on my expert moniker to attract my ideal clients.

Giselle Shapiro |





Publishers Don't Buy Books. They Buy Book Proposals.

If you desire a traditional book deal with a major publisher, you must acquire a literary agent to sell your book idea.

To attract a literary agent and market your book to publishers, you need a professional, well-crafted, compelling book proposal that presents your idea, your expertise, and your marketing plan.

What Is A Book Proposal?

A book proposal is a marketing tool, which is analyzed by an editorial review committee.

If a publishing company decides your idea is viable, they will offer you a contract to write the book, along with an advance payment.

Why Don’t Publishers Just Review a Completed Manuscript?

A nonfiction manuscript does not answer the editorial review committee’s questions about marketing, competition, production, or the author’s platform. A publisher will invest tens of thousands of dollars to develop a book and requires a complete view of the project (which the book proposal provides) prior to making a decision.

The Challenge for Most Authors...

Publishers and agents reject 99% of book proposals!

To land a book deal in this competitive market, you need to create a sizzling book proposal that grabs a top literary agent’s attention (instead of being tossed in the rejection pile), inspires publishers to buy your book, and ensures you receive a high-value publishing deal... before you write your manuscript.

The Solution...

As a ghostwriter of numerous published books, author-strategist Laura Cross knows what literary agents and publishers want – and what they buy! And she shares all the secrets and advanced strategies with you in the Bestseller Book Proposal System, including insider information gathered from dozens of top literary agents and successful authors... so you can quickly and easily produce an exciting and successful pitch package to land a publishing deal.

And the best part… you’ll receive samples of real-life book proposals that landed the authors literary agents.

A Proven Step-by-Step Method for Creating a Winning Book Proposal & Pitch Package


The Digital Step-by-Step Guide (in PDF format) contains clear, easy-to-follow content designed to help you create a winning pitch package.


This invaluable Digital Workbook includes worksheets, checklists, guides, samples and “done-for-you” material. You also get a complete book proposal sample.

The Bestseller Book Proposal System reveals all the secrets, advanced strategies, and insider information you need to develop a winning pitch package, acquire a top literary agent, and land a high-value book deal.

Clarify your compelling idea or message for powerful impact.

Develop your unique selling point to differentiate your book from competitive titles.

Identify a large niche market to prove the marketability of your book.

Design your outline or synopsis to maximize its salability.

Present your platform to emphasize your expertise and impress agents and publishers.

Pitch your book idea to a select group of literary agents who are the right fit for you and your book.

Bestseller Book Proposal System

You’ll walk away with a completed book proposal package, a query letter (a sales letter to pitch your book idea), and a customized list of top literary agents to submit.