About ChromaLuxe Metal Prints

ChromaLuxe Metal prints offer brilliant visual depth, vibrant color and sheen, and a smooth, glossy finish. 

The image/design is infused into the coating of a high-definition .045" ChromaLuxe metal panel using a sublimation heat press.

They are lightweight and provide superior durability with true generational archival quality. They are fade, scratch, fire and water resistant with 1/4" radius rounded corners.

ChromaLuxe Silver version: The light/white areas of the image appear silver.

MADE IN AMERICA: The metal is manufactured in Kentucky, and the art is printed in Texas, California or New York.

Mounting Options

No Mounting (panel only): This option is best if you plan to frame your print or will custom display/mount it yourself.

Back Inset Frame (wall mounting): Allows the print to appear to "float" off the wall. The print hangs by the "lip" of the back frame, a french cleat, or a hanging wire.

Metal Posts (wall mounting): If selecting this option, print arrives with 4 holes drilled through each corner of the image to insert the 4 metal posts provided, allowing the print to "float" off the wall. Print hangs by drilling holes into the wall.

Easel Back (tabletop): Allows the print to be displayed on any tabletop.



Made in the U.S.A.

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