Mind Your Screenwriting Business (with Michele Wallerstein)



Michele is the successful author of Mind Your Business: A Hollywood Literary Agent's Guide To Your Writing Career. Michele’s in-depth knowledge and expertise stems from 25 years of experience working as a Hollywood literary agent.

As an agent Michele sold $1 million scripts and guided the careers of numerous prominent motion picture and television writers, directors, and producers including Larry Hertzog (Tin Man, La Femme Nikita, 24), Randall Wallace (J.J. Starbuck, Pearl Harbor, Braveheart), Carol Mendelsohn (Fame, CSI), Christopher Lofton (Robinson Crusoe, Call of the Wild, Scarlett, True Women), Peter Bellwood (Highlander), and Bootsie Parker (Booty Call, Married With Children, The Hughley’s).

Today, Michele is a respected screenplay, novel and literary career consultant who assists aspiring writers in transforming their work to achieve commercial success in the Hollywood and independent film market as well as the publishing world. Learn more about Michele’s online workshop Moving Your Writing Career Forward.

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