Devil Dogs Script Receives Praise

Praise from the BlueCat Screenplay Competition

The BlueCat Screenplay Competition is consistently rated one of the Top 10 best and most respected screenplay competitions in the industry. Writer/Producer Laura Cross received these notes on her action/war drama screenplay for Devil Dogs on January 16, 2015:

"Devil Dogs opens with a fantastic image that immediately grabs the reader’s attention: “the distinctive stark white military tombstones of the Veteran’s Cemetery whip by…” The scene that immediately follows this does a tremendous job at establishing Riley’s character without the use of dialogue. The exposition, especially the News Reporter’s and Colonel Armstrong’s monologue, is never heavy-handed and feels completely natural.

On the whole, every character is effectively characterized and feels unique. The action scenes are nicely paced out – humming with great energy and tension. The action descriptions are top-notch and always maintain the script’s breezy narrative pace. An example of this occurs on page four: The video cam captures the men’s kinetic shadows on the ground and the sound of their breathing as they flee down the dirt street.” The exchanges between Riley and the Marines are incredibly effective and natural. An example of this occurs on page fourteen: “Bought the ticket, saw the show, got the T-shirt, locked and loaded, ready to go.” Because their interactions are so genuine, the closing sequence becomes all that more effective, as we have come to enjoy the company of these characters.” [Blue Cat Archive #1318, Reader #9072]