The Fixer: The Characters


An anti hero protagonist, jockey, fixer, and trainer of racehorses, a tough little man with a PhD in street smarts and the cajones of Native Dancer. He’s able to travel in many circles from the gangsters and gamblers he has to deal with on a daily basis, to the millionaire and billionaire horse owners for whom he rides and trains.


Ronny’s protector, best friend, and mob enforcer, with the looks and charm of a movie star, and the style of someone on the best-dressed list, a man who says, please and thank you, before putting a bullet in the back of your head.


The “Just the facts Ma’am” FBI agent who tracks Ronny’s activities. Always put-together in a three-piece suit, he looks like he just stepped off the cover of GQ. With a disdain for racetracks, violence and blood, and a weakness for good whiskey and southern charm, he is singularly focused on “getting his man”.

NABO POLASSAR, King of the Caldeans

The not-too-bright Syrian thug and gambler who tips the scales at 350lbs. An ogre who always seems to be with two half-naked 90lb hookers, and matched set of dumb and dumber underlings whose brain power barely matches their boss.


The New England gambler who hires Ronny to fix key races on occasion. A man you don’t want to cross unless you’re looking for an extended stay in the intensive care unit.


Ronny’s sometime wife, a gorgeous tall blond Catholic “shicksa” with horseracing in her blood and a father who’s not too happy she married a Jewish jockey.


The best veterinarian in the horse-racing racket, a man who could fix any horse, both literally and figuratively. He’s got the skills of a Louis Pasteur, the heart of Mother Teresa, but the morals of Myer Lansky.


Runs the Detroit mob and he’s Sally’s boss. He dishes out mob justice like the King Solomon of Crime. No one ever uses his name; he’s always just The Man. He has a son they call Little Man, and the only thing he’s capable of dishing out is spaghetti.


Sally’s buddy who is also a collector for The Man. Carmine’s nickname is “Bats” partly because he’s a bit crazy (like he’s got bats in the belfry) and mostly because he uses a baseball bat to break peoples legs who don’t pay up on time.

SID & GERRY (Geraldine)

A nice sweet old couple who run a restaurant in Miami and are the consummate con artists.