The image/design is printed directly on a 1/8" brushed silver aluminum dibond plate. The white/light areas are not printed, revealing the brushed texture and silver metal appearance. Brushed metal prints produce subtle, muted colors, softened image details, and a matte finish. They are durable, lightweight and safe for outdoor use. Completed with 1/4" radius rounded corners. 

Mounting: Metal stand-off posts are provided for mounting, allowing the print to "float" off the wall. Prints less than 40" include four (4) stand-off posts, prints between 40" to 49" include six (6) stand-off posts, and prints larger than 50" include eight (8) stand-off posts. An optional back inset frame is offered (not safe for outdoor use) - with this mounting option, the print hangs by the lip of the back frame.