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Short Action/War Drama

An American photojournalist struggles with his assignment - and his emotions - when he embeds with a team of U.S. Marines during fierce urban combat in the deadliest battle of the Iraq War, the fight for Fallujah in 2004.

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"And yet in all those knowns and unknown knowns, the Devil Dogs endure..."

Lyrics from ANGEL (Devil Dogs Theme Song)

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From the Director's Statement

The short film Devil Dogs is a set of glimpses or vignettes within a very brief 36-hour period of the journey of five Marines and one brave lone American photojournalist embedded with them. Having only just met, together they at first joke around, then dialogue deeply, and finally they face a fierce fire fight. To each man they are antithetical archetypal representatives of the American experience of its own collective conscience when at war - the observer and the warriors.

Canines for Veterans

Devil Dogs has aligned with charity partner Canines for Veterans and committed to donate a percentage of proceeds to the non-profit organization


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