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Marine Corps Life Commemorative (Metal Print Series - Art Collectible Box Set)


This exclusive collectible art series includes twelve (12) 6"x4" ChromaLuxe Metal Prints with your choice of finishes.

You also receive a beautiful and functional, natural wood box to hold your art, and a bamboo stand to interchange and display a single print. A false bottom within the box creates a hidden compartment that can be used to store the bamboo stand and other small items. The printed box lid features the image "Before Morning Light (Marine Corps Mortarmen)".

The Marine Corps Life Art Collectible Box Set can make a great addition to your own collection or a wonderful gift for a photography fan, history lover or military veteran.

ChromaLuxe Metal prints are truly generational, archival quality. They are fade, scratch, fire, and weather resistant.

Click the individual art title to view a description of each photograph reproduction included in the collection:

AAV Driver
Before Morning Light (Marine Corps Mortarmen)
Drill Instructor Bark
Dust Up (Marine Extraction, Morocco)
Echo Company Crucible (Eagle, Globe & Anchor)
Fast Rope Recon
Guns Up
Hondo (Marine Corps Mustang)
Old Corps, New Corps (Chesty & Recruit Chesty)
Range 400
Rolling Down a Dirt Road (M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank)
Rooftop Rifleman

See the drop-down list on this product page for more information about Art Collectible Box Sets, including ChromaLuxe Metal Prints & Finish Options.

Click through image slides to view depictions of each artwork, and sample ChromaLuxe Metal Prints & Art Boxes.

Product images are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product's size or variations. Hues, brightness, texture or other distinctions may appear to differ due to inherent limitations in viewing image resolutions on screen.

Art Collectible Box Sets include an exclusive series of ChromaLuxe Metal prints sized to 6"x4". (Original art may be cropped or manipulated to conform to print size. You may click through images on the product page to view how each 6"x4" print will appear.) 

You also receive a 6"x4" (2" deep) collectible wooden box to hold your prints, and a bamboo display stand. A false bottom creates a hidden compartment to store your display stand and other small items.

The box lid is printed with an image from the collection (the description on the product page identifies which image is printed on the lid).

About ChromaLuxe Metal Prints & Finishes

ChromaLuxe Metal prints offer brilliant visual depth. The image/design is infused into the coating of a high-definition .045" ChromaLuxe metal panel using a sublimation heat press. They are lightweight and provide superior durability with true generational archival quality. They are fade, scratch, fire and water resistant with 1/8" radius rounded corners. Metal prints are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Made in America: The metal is manufactured in Kentucky, and the art is printed in Texas or California.

GLOSS FINISH: Produces vibrant color with rich detail on a high gloss surface. This is our most popular finish.

SATIN FINISH: Produces soft color with a slight shimmer on a minimal glare surface. 

TEXTURED FINISH: Produces soft color. The fine stippled texture creates an organic, natural look (similar to a painting or canvas). Printed on a non-reflective and fingerprint resistant surface. (Available on painting reproduction prints only.)

SILVER SHEEN FINISH: Produces darker, muted colors with a unique translucent iridescence (a lustrous rainbow-like play of color that changes with the angle of view). The white and light areas of the image reveal the smooth brush strokes of the sheer metal (creating a silver tin-like appearance). The surface has a glossy metallic sheen. (Available on select black & white series prints only.)

Metal prints are extremely durable but can be dented (for example, by bumping a print into furniture). Please take care when handling or moving a metal print to avoid damage.

Metal prints are weatherproof and can be displayed outdoors, but please avoid direct sunlight or they will fade over time. (For extended exterior life in direct sunlight, metal prints must be treated with a special UV coating. You may contact the studio directly to custom order a UV-coated print.)

The coating of ChromaLuxe Metal panels may contain small craters or tiny bumps. Each sheet is carefully inspected and any "imperfections" are placed in the most unobtrusive parts of the image. These "imperfections" are not considered flaws unless they appear in a prominent area of the image.  

    All products are made in America and are available for delivery to addresses within the contiguous United States. We ship all art prints via standard delivery, from our print production partners in Texas or California. Our products are made upon order, which means once you place the order, we start working to get it to you. This helps us avoid overproduction and waste. It also means it takes a little longer to fulfill items compared to traditional "ready-made" product, since we're producing it specifically for you. 

    All orders include Free Shipping.

    DELIVERY: Due to shipping delays by carriers, currently, most orders are produced and delivered to you within 14 to 21 days from the date of order.

    We are required to collect Sales Tax for orders delivered within California.

    We guarantee the quality and workmanship of our products.

    Replace Order

    If we send you an incorrect art item or you receive a damaged or inferior product, simply contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. We will issue you a return approval code, and will promptly fix or replace your order with an identical item at no charge. If the artwork is damaged, please be sure to take a photo of the item and shipping container. We will provide a prepaid return shipping label.

    Cancel or Change an Order

    All artwork is custom made-to-order. Once your order is received we immediately begin production to create the item specifically for you. Therefore, once an item is ordered, we cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel or change it. If you need to cancel or change an order please contact us immediately. If we are able to cancel or change the order prior to the start of production, there will be a 10% fee applied (for incurred payment processing charges and handling fees). PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR ARTWORK ORDER CAN BE CANCELLED OR CHANGED ONCE PRODUCTION HAS COMMENCED.


    We offer a 14-day replacement. We do not provide refunds unless an order is cancelled prior to commencement of production.

    To initiate an exchange or repair, please contact us via the Contact page 

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