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The Spirit of '76 (Yankee Doodle)


Archibald Willard, who served in the Civil War, was inspired to paint The Spirit of '76 (originally titled Yankee Doodle) after witnessing a parade commemorating the American Revolution. The painting depicts a fifer, a drummer, and a drummer boy marching across a battlefield during the War of Independence.

Hugh Moser (a Civil War veteran and friend of Willard's) posed as the fifer, Henry K. Devereux (son of General John H. Devereux) served as the model for the drummer boy, and Willard's father, Reverend Samuel Willard, was the inspiration for the drummer depicted in the center. 

Symbolizing the spirit of the American Revolution, the painting was exhibited at the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia where it "stirred a nation". Due to its popularity, Willard painted 14 "original" copies, each with slight variations. An 1893 "retouching" by the artist substantially altered the original. The version offered by Rebel Seed Studio is a copy of what is referred to as the "original version".

Artist: Archibald Willard (1836-1918)
Restored & enhanced by Rebel Seed Studio
Date: 1875-1876
Original medium: Oil on paper (chromolithograph reprints)

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ChromaLuxe Metal

ChromaLuxe metal prints offer brilliant visual depth. The image/design is infused into the coating of a high-definition .045" ChromaLuxe metal panel using a sublimation heat press. They are lightweight and provide superior durability with true generational archival quality. They are fade, scratch, fire and water resistant with 1/8" radius rounded corners. Metal prints are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Made in America: The metal is manufactured in Kentucky, and the art is printed in Texas or California.

GLOSS FINISH: Produces vibrant color with rich detail on a high gloss surface. This is our most popular finish.

SATIN FINISH: Produces soft color with a slight shimmer on a minimal glare surface. (Available on select prints only.)

TEXTURED FINISH: Produces soft color. The fine stippled texture creates an organic, natural look (similar to a painting or canvas). Printed on a non-reflective and fingerprint resistant surface. (Available on painting reproduction prints only.)

SILVER SHEEN FINISH: Produces darker, muted colors with a unique translucent iridescence (a lustrous rainbow-like play of color that changes with the angle of view). The white and light areas of the image reveal the smooth brush strokes of the sheer metal (creating a silver tin-like appearance). The surface has a glossy metallic sheen. (Available on select prints only.)

Metal prints are extremely durable but can be dented (for example, by bumping a print into furniture). Please take care when handling or moving a metal print to avoid damage.

Metal prints are weatherproof and can be displayed outdoors, but please avoid direct sunlight or they will fade over time. (For extended exterior life in direct sunlight, metal prints must be treated with a special UV coating. You may contact the studio directly to custom order a UV-coated print.)

The coating of ChromaLuxe Metal panels may contain small craters or tiny bumps. Each sheet is carefully inspected and any "imperfections" are placed in the most unobtrusive parts of the image. These "imperfections" are not considered flaws unless they appear in a prominent area of the image.  

Metal Print Mounting Options

NO MOUNTING (panel only): This option is best if you plan to frame your print or will custom display/mount it yourself. 

BACK INSET FRAME: Allows the print to appear to "float" off the wall approximately 3/4". The print hangs by the "lip" of the back frame, a french cleat, or a hanging wire. This is our most popular mounting.

METAL POSTS: If selecting this option, print arrives with 4 holes drilled through each corner of the image to insert the 4 metal posts provided, allowing the print to "float" approximately 1" off the wall. Posts are 5/8" to 1" diameter, based on the print size. Print hangs by drilling holes into the wall. Click here for instructions.

FLUSH EDGE FRAME: The artwork is mounted flush-to-the-edge of a simple and elegant silver metal frame that is 1-1/4" deep (1-5/16" including the art print), creating a substantial feel to the display. Flush Edge framed prints have sharp square corners instead of rounded. Perfectly finished without glass. Delivered display-ready with hanging wire. (Not available for 4x8/8x4, 8x6/6x8, or 5x12/12x5 prints.)

FLOAT FRAME: Float Frames are mounted with a 1/4" space between the frame and the metal print, so that the print appears to be floating within the frame, creating added depth. The slim .03" modern metal moulding in light pewter complements any artwork.  Approximately 2" deep, the float frame is perfectly finished without glass. Delivered display-ready with hanging wire. (Not available for 4x8/8x4, 8x6/6x8, or 5x12/12x5 prints.)

ACRYLIC OVERLAY WITH METAL POSTS: Create substantial depth with a 1/2" optically pure acrylic panel overlay secured to the face of the metal print with metal posts. Print and Acrylic arrive with 4 holes drilled through each corner of the image and acrylic to insert the 4 metal posts provided, allowing the print to "float" approximately 1" off the wall. Metal prints with an acrylic overlay have sharp square corners instead of rounded. Posts are 5/8" to 1" diameter, based on the print size. Print hangs by drilling holes into the wall. Click here for instructions. Acrylic Overlay option for metal prints over 30" x 50" may add up to two weeks to production and delivery time. (Not available for 4x8/8x4, 8x6/6x8, or 5x12/12x5 prints.)

Slate/Stone Prints

Available for select prints only. 

Slate prints produce vibrant color with rich detail, and feature distinct fractured edges. The image is sublimated (infused) to the flat surface of a slate rock, machined & sized to display on a shelf, desk or any tabletop. Each piece has a unique chiseled edge, so no two are exactly alike. Manufactured in the U.S.A. with 3/8" thick stone, they are strong, durable, scratch resistant, and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Made in America: The slate is procured from Virginia, Vermont or Pennsylvania, and the art is printed in Texas.

Mounting: Tabletop display stand (included).

Due to unique contours, slate sizes are approximate. Slate prints are offered for select images in 4x8, 5x12, 6x8, 8x4, 8x6, 8x8, 8x12, 12x5, and 12x8 only.

Replace or Repair (for an Incorrect or Damaged Item)

If we send you an incorrect art item or you receive a damaged product, simply contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. We will issue you a return approval code, and will promptly fix or replace your order with an identical item at no charge. If the artwork is damaged, please be sure to take a photo of the item and shipping container. We will provide a prepaid return shipping label.


If you wish to return and exchange your artwork order for any reason other than receiving an incorrect or damaged product, please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. We will issue you a return approval code, and will promptly exchange your item for one of equal value, at no charge. Please note, the original item must be returned undamaged in the original shipping container, and customer is responsible for return shipping costs. 

Cancel or Change an Order

All artwork is made-to-order. Once your order is received we immediately begin production to create the item specifically for you. Therefore, once an item is ordered, we cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel or change it. If you need to cancel or change an order please contact us immediately. If we are able to cancel or change the order prior to the start of production, there will be a 10% fee applied (for incurred payment processing charges and handling fees). PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR ARTWORK ORDER CAN BE CANCELLED OR CHANGED ONCE PRODUCTION HAS COMMENCED.


We offer a 14-day replacement or exchange only. We do not provide refunds unless an order is cancelled prior to commencement of production.

Digital Items

Digital sales are final. Digital art files are non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

To initiate an exchange, repair or replacement, please contact us via the Contact page 

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