Battlefield Fallujah: Leave Us a Review | Rate the Podcast Series

If you receive value from the series, please consider leaving a review and/or rating the podcast on Apple Podcasts or PodChaser.

How to leave an Apple Podcasts review on your computer:

  1. Go to the Apple Podcasts landing page for the podcast Military Dispatch
  2. Click “View in Apple Podcasts”
  3. If you get the prompt “Do you want to open in Podcasts?” select "Open Link" or “Allow”
  4. Click “Write a Review”
  5. Write the review, then click "Save"

How to leave an Apple Podcasts rating or review on your iPhone or iPad (if you're already subscribed to the podcast):

  1. Download the Podcasts app if it’s not already on your device
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  5. Tap "Write a Review"
  6. Write the review, then click "Submit" or "Send"