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Article: The Battle of New Orleans (Painting)

The Battle of New Orleans (Painting)

The Battle of New Orleans (Painting)

In this painting by Dennis Malone Carter (Irish-American, circa 1827-1881), General Andrew Jackson leads the defense against the red-coated British soldiers as they storm the American line during the Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815 (just days after the War of 1812 ended - unbeknownst to the warriors.)

General Jackson and two mounted officers survey the defenses, and an artillery crew prepares to fire in the foreground. The sails of the U.S.S. Louisiana can be seen in the background, behind cheering American troops. Jackson's fortifications are incorrectly shown as being constructed of cotton bales, rather than earth and timbers.

Artist: Dennis Malone Carter
Date: 1856
Original medium: Oil on Canvas