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Article: ANGEL (Theme Song from Devil Dogs)

ANGEL (Theme Song from Devil Dogs) - Image of Michael Worth as Riley in Devil Dogs

ANGEL (Theme Song from Devil Dogs)

If you think that I'm an angel
Well, you had better think again.
'Cause I grew up with the devil,
You know, I thought he was my friend.

I went down to the Euphrates,
And I tried to wash my hands,
Of all those things that I had done
That I could not understand.

I fell down upon my knees there,
And I cried out to the sky,
"Oh, sweet Jesus up in heaven,
Now won't you please tell me why?"

I looked over my shoulder,
When I saw that risin' storm,
And in my shadow on the waters,
I then beheld myself reborn.

We were sent out to Fallujah,
Me and my brothers in the Corps.
We don't knock if they refuse us,
Just say a prayer... kick the door.

Ain't what you don't know that gets you,
It's what you think you know for sure.
And yet, in all those knowns and unknown knowns,
The devil dogs endure... the devil dogs endure.

Written & performed by Lindsay Holt. Produced by Ira Ingber.
Copyright 2014 Atalaya Music & Rebel Seed Films.