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Article: Devil Dogs: About The Story & Characters

Devil Dogs: About The Story & Characters - Image from the move of the Fallujah skyline

Devil Dogs: About The Story & Characters

The short action/war drama tells the story of an American photojournalist who struggles with his assignment - and his emotions - when he embeds with a team of U.S. Marines during fierce urban combat in the deadliest battle of the Iraq War, the fight for Fallujah in 2004.


RILEY | Actor: Michael Worth

Age 48. Photojournalist.

A war story junkie. Bohemian, from his long hair and ever-present Nikon camera to his nomadic lifestyle. Curious. Intense. He views everything as an opportunity to uncover a story, discover the perfect image, and reveal what lies beneath the things that go unsaid.

From Chicago, IL

HICKS | Actor: Greg Duke

Age 21. Marine. Lance Corporal.

Born to be a Marine. Muscular. Badass. Deadly. Irreverent. Vacillates between devilish jokester and gung-ho, hardened, expert trained killer. Best shot in his platoon. On his second tour of Iraq. Best friends with Hernandez.

From San Diego, CA

HERNANDEZ | Actor: Andres Perez-Molina

Age 21. Marine. Lance Corporal.

Fearless, adept, loyal. A protective big brother to his fellow Marines. Suspicious of embed journalists and the media, he’s beginning to question the impact of the mission. On his second tour of Iraq. Best friends with Hicks.

From El Paso, TX

KELLER | Actor: Andrew Onochie

Age 20. Marine. Private First Class.

The son of a military man. Looks like a Marine and has the locker-room vocabulary to match, a dichotomy that sometimes hides his education and intellect. Always cock-sure, he’s starting to second-guess his choices.

From Detroit, MI

JUAREZ | Actor: Raihan Baqui

Age 19. Marine. Private First Class.

The youngest Marine. Baby-faced. Wide-eyed and idealistic. Devoted to family and country. Idolizes Hicks and the older Marines.

From El Centro, CA

O’BRIEN | Actor: John J. Pistone

Age 30. Marine. Sergeant.

Stoic, gruff, direct, commanding, no nonsense. A man of few words. When he talks, his Marines listen. Used to barking orders, he expects them to be followed.