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Article: Devil Dogs Cast | Actors

Devil Dogs Cast | Actors - Image of actor Greg Dukes on the set of Devil Dogs

Devil Dogs Cast | Actors


“Some of my greatest strides as a person have come from exploring myself through my writing or purging some demon in my acting. The beauty and power contained in these visions of light and human expression has been a huge source of fascination for me and I have only begun to wrap my head around all of its magic.”

Born in Philadelphia, Michael came from a line of German sailors on one side and American Delaware Indians on the other. As a 10 year-old, Michael directed his first film entitled The Tire. It was shot with a super-8 camera his mother bought him. He continued making short films into his late teens. During his early teens, Michael had a few small parts in film and television.

Living with his dog in a truck for six months in Los Angeles to save money, he worked odd jobs and construction, accepting small roles to gain experience. His first lead came with the film Final Impact (1992) for which Variety deemed him “a promising newcomer.” Michael worked in a series of low-budget films before landing a part in the TV series Acapulco H.E.A.T. (1993), and was the second choice for the role of Robin in Batman Forever (1995).

He wrote and directed the independent film Killing Cupid (2005), which gained him a Best Director nomination at the ‘Action On Film’ Film Festival in 2005, as well as winning Best Fiction Film at the Hollywood Fiction Film and Video Festival in

Michael wrote and appeared in the psychological thriller/western Dual (2008), which won Best Independent Action Film. His second directorial work was the drama God’s Ears (2008). In 2014, he starred in Our Father opposite Michael Gross. He is in post-production on his third directed film, Bring Me The Head of Lance Henriksen.

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GREG DUKE - "Hicks"

Greg Duke was born in San Diego, California, the youngest of five children. At age five, his family moved to Chicago where he grew up loving sports and theatre. An award-winning athlete, Greg’s passion and excellence put him on a fast track to a career in sports. He earned a full scholarship at Syracuse University where he played Division 1 Lacrosse, winning the National Championship.

After graduating, Greg went into the Marine Corps for three years where he trained as a sniper, but his interest in performing arts led him back to California where he pursued his childhood dream of becoming an actor.

Learning the craft of acting was important to Greg, and upon returning from his tour of duty, he swiftly enrolled in scene study (Rossi Snyder Theatre Labs and Playhouse West), improv, and comedy at Groundlings. He continues to study with the best acting teachers in Hollywood. Greg’s chiseled good looks, winning smile, piercing blue eyes, and reputation for being an affable team player made him a sought after model.

His commercial credits include Harley Davidson, Shiseido, Aussie Bum, Andrew Christianson, and an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign shot by Bruce Weber. Greg’s success in modeling quickly led to acting opportunities in Los Angeles. His credits include the feature films Bewitched, The Island and American Sniper. Television credits include Alias, Passions, General Hospital, CSI Miami, and a recurring role on Ray Donovan. In his free time, Greg enjoys tennis, martial arts, and golf. He is a passionate advocate for humane treatment of animals and physical fitness. Plus, he’s a damn good bartender.

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“There’s always something to learn. Your flaws can be your strengths and vice versa because TV and movie characters aren’t flawless. You need to make sure you have a solid backbone in life so you can show vulnerability on camera to portray characters and emotions.”

“It’s also nice to work hard for a few months and then get a good break. People don’t see all the hustle it takes to get to the final product, but movies are a lot of work.”

Originally from northern Virginia, Andres Perez-Molina is known for his guest roles in the television series’ Code Black, Bones, Pretty Little Liars, CSI: Miami, and Law & Order: LA. He had a recurring role on The Mentalist, and has appeared in the feature films The Dark Knight Rises and Star Trek.

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Andrew Onochie started acting at the tender age of five by entertaining his family at the dinner table. Eventually he went on to perform at church plays and school talent shows. He is known for completely dedicating himself to his roles, as well as his deep rich authoritative voice, and charming smile.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Andrew grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He is the third child of five children of an accountant father and Evangelist mother. After high school, Andrew enrolled in Interboro Institute intent on a career in business administration. Although he minored in film studies, he completely caught the acting bug while appearing in the school’s annual talent show where he won a few acting awards.

After two years, he decided to move to Los Angeles to seek work as an actor. He enrolled in Santa Monica College to earn his degree in theatre arts while also studying acting at the Aaron Speiser acting studio in Los Angeles. With his acting versatility and charming personality, he had no difficulty finding work in numerous short films, T.V. shows and web series.

He made his first appearance in the web series Chef Laurent (2009). In 2012, he landed the lead role in the short horror film Ravenous and then followed by the short drama Off Pace (2013) and then a feature called Tempting Fate (2014) where he played the lead role.

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“I’m just your ordinary Mexican / Bengali actor on his journey to becoming extraordinary by following his dreams, visions, and ideals.”

Raihan Baqui is a young actor who has appeared in the short film Always a Bridesmaid and on television in Up North. He recently filmed a part in the forthcoming Ben Affleck-directed movie Live By Night.

Raihan was born in Houston, Texas. His heritage is Bengali (on his father’s side) and Mexican (on his mother’s side). His passion for acting was sparked in middle school where he first joined the school’s theater. Raihan committed to the acting craft when he attended his first IMTA Talent Competition, and placed in his acting category where he met his first manager.

Raihan made the move to California at the age of 18, and has been working in short films, commercials and multiple projects. He is consistently developing his craft and career under the guidance of teachers like Christina Zorich, Eric Morris, and AJ Riley.

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John Pistone is an actor, writer, producer, and sports enthusiast. He’s also a combat veteran, a U.S. Navy combat cameraman / journalist, an expert marksman, and an avid motorcyclist.

John was born and raised in Arkansas and spent most of his time in the town of Dover. He fell in with acting at a very early age, hitting the stage for the first time when he was just five years old.

He was the emcee of a tribute to Walt Disney at a school in Clarkesville. If anyone happens to have pictures of the performance, he would greatly appreciate you either sending them to him or burning them as his outfit was horrendous.

In addition to his love for the stage, also developed a love of sports, playing football, basketball and attempting baseball. He excelled at football and truly thinks he would have been better at baseball had he not had all of his front teeth knocked out while playing catcher when he was six. An avid swimmer, he spent the summers of his formidable youth getting into trouble at the pool in the nearby town of Russelville.

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