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Art Prints Info (Tabletop Art)

Art Blocks | Curved Metal Prints | Slate/Stone Prints

Art Blocks

  • 1" thick, 6"x6", optically pure acrylic
  • Gives the appearance of being embedded in a block of glass
  • Stands solidly on any flat surface
  • Hand polished diamond crystal edge
  • Face-mounted image
  • Brilliant visual depth
  • 3-D effect
  • Bright, crisp, and vibrant color
  • High gloss finish
  • Subtly textured black backing
  • Extremely durable and shatterproof
  • Easy to clean

Production & Delivery: Made in America. Item ships from North Carolina.

Caring For Your Art Block: Your Art Block should only need occasional gentle dusting with a non-abrasive cloth. To remove any dirt or streaks, use a small amount of mild soap with water and rub gently with a clean, soft cloth. Follow up with a clean, damp cloth and dry by blotting with a soft cloth. Never use any products that contain ammonia or alcohol as they will damage the art block. Novus #1 Cleaner can be used for cleaning your Art Block to a beautiful glossy shine. PLEASE NOTE: Do not use paper towels or other rough material on your Art Block. Never get the back of your Art Block wet.

Curved Metal Prints

  • High-definition .045" ChromaLuxe metal
  • Image is infused into the coating of the metal panel using a sublimation heat press
  • 1/8" radius rounded corners
  • Concave curve (print curves inward)
  • Stands on any flat surface
  • Brilliant visual depth
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Superior durability
  • True generational archival quality
  • Fade, scratch, fire, and water resistant
  • Easily cleaned with a soft, damp cloth
  • Manufactured & printed in America
  • Includes a free gift box

Gloss Finish Option: Produces vibrant color with rich detail on a high gloss surface. This is our most popular finish.

Satin Finish Option: Produces soft color with a slight shimmer on a minimal glare surface.

Production & Delivery: The metal is manufactured in Kentucky, and the art is printed in, and ships from, California.

Metal Print Care: Metal prints are extremely durable but can be dented (for example, by bumping a print into furniture). Please take care when handling or moving a metal print to avoid damage. Metal prints are weatherproof and can be displayed outdoors, but please avoid direct sunlight or they will fade over time.

The coating of ChromaLuxe Metal panels may contain small craters or tiny bumps. Each sheet is carefully inspected and any "imperfections" are placed in the most unobtrusive parts of the image. These "imperfections" are not considered flaws unless they appear in a prominent area of the image.

Slate/Stone Prints

  • Image is sublimated (infused) to the flat surface of a slate rock, and machine-sized
  • Vibrant color & rich detail
  • Distinct fractured edges (each piece has a unique chiseled edge, so no two are exactly alike)
  • 3/8" thick stone
  • Strong, durable & scratch resistant
  • Includes a set of black plastic stands for tabletop display
  • Easy to clean with a soft, damp cloth
  • Sourced, manufactured & printed in America

Note: Due to unique contours, slate sizes are approximate.

Production & Delivery: Item is printed and delivered from Texas.