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Alamo & Muster Roll - Art Pillow (Throw Pillow)

Sale price$55.00



This original 18"x18" art pillow adds character to any space, and makes a great gift. 

Commemorating the siege of the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, this throw pillow features an original sepia drawing of the Alamo printed on one side.

The other side features a photograph of the actual historical muster roll containing the names of some of the heroes who fought and died in defense during the battle in March 1836. The only muster roll to survive, it is dated from January 1836, and contains the name of every man in the Alamo garrison before Colonel Neil's departure from the Alamo in February of 1836. (It does not contain the names of David Crockett, Jim Bowie, or William Travis.)

IMPORTANT: Because fabric is hand-sewn and cut, sizes are approximate and may slightly differ.

This pillow is an original art design, and is available exclusively from Rebel Seed Studio.

* Watermark will not appear on the pillow you receive.

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Alamo & Muster Roll - Art Pillow (Throw Pillow)
Alamo & Muster Roll - Art Pillow (Throw Pillow) Sale price$55.00